FIVET 2022 Nomination!

How is everybody doing? 🙂

I’m very excited to announce that Princess Squirrel was just nominated at FIVET 2022 for Best Game of The Year, Best Game for PC or Console, Best Gameplay, Best Graphics and Best Audio! Can you believe it!? 5 out of 7 prizes! 😍

FIVET is a student videogame festival organized by Universidad de Talca, where me and my animal friends live 😀 and it’s being sponsored by many great companies from Chile!

I can’t tell how honoured I feel about this and how excited it makes me to keep working on it! I’ve got many ideas in mind for the game and I hope to release an update once I’m done with The Eightfold Path and the iOS version of Hungry Penguin.

The winners of the festival will be announced this Saturday so wish me luck 🍀

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