Just a little longer!

Hi everyone!

As you might know, today is the day we wanted to release The Eightfold Path! It’s an important day in Buddhism as the Buddha’s birthday is celebrated in India. Unfortunately though, due to technical issues that we are working on right now, we will have to push the date a little bit further. Can’t say exactly when but shouldn’t be more than a week or two.

I know you have been waiting to play this game for a while now! Back when we started the game 3 years ago for the Zen Game Jam, we didn’t think it would get this far ๐Ÿฅน Now we’re about to make it our first game on a major console and the beginning of a long videogame dev journey that we are very excited to share with you!

Porting a game to consoles brought all kinds of challenges that we didn’t see coming, but we haven’t stopped for a minute and have learned so much lately. Next time will definitely be smoother ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember you can join the conversation in our Discord Server and chat directly with the developers of Friendly Llama working on The Eightfold Path and other projects and meet the friendly community that’s been there with us from the beginning.

Join us on Discord!

So just hang tight for a little longer! I’ll let you know when everything is ready!

See you!

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