Eat all the fish you can as you dive through the cold waters of Antarctica in Hungry Penguin! But watch out! As global warming keeps getting worse, so do the odds of surviving…

Because of global warming, things are getting pretty hard for penguins around the world ๐Ÿ™

Since the temperatures are getting higher, the ice and snow started melting, decreasing the space left for penguins to live.

Higher temperatures also makes it harder for small fish and krill to live there, which means there’s less food for penguins and other animals.

Even corals are losing their colour because of the stress of not being able to feed themselves.

Hungry Penguin is a game meant to raise awareness about the difficulties that penguins are facing around the world hoping that people can learn something.

But that’s not all! Our compromise with penguins is so important for us that we have decided to donate half of the game’s income to an organization that helps preserve penguins and their habitats across the globe!

Global Penguin Society is an organization that is working with penguins and communities to ensure their protection. We received a heartwarming response after we reached to collaborate.

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